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How much does Peeriscope cost?
Peeriscope is a free download for the iPhone. When you join Peeriscope, you start off with 200 points that you can use to find nearby professionals. See the How it Works page for a table of point costs and rewards.If you would like to purchase additional points, you may do so by clicking on the Purchase button from the Peer Points screen in the app. You may buy 100 points for $0.99 or 500 points for $2.99.

How do I earn Peer Points?
You can earn Peer Points by doing any of the activities listed on the Rewards page within Peer Points. Activities include accepting an incoming connection request, uploading a profile picture, and announcing a new connection to your Twitter network.

How do I reduce the number of matches?
You can decrease the number of matches by narrowing your Match Criteria or reducing your Match Radius. Click on Settings to see a full menu of matching settings.

How do I get more matches?
You can increase the chances of receiving matches by adjusting your Match Criteria settings or Match Radius. Click on Settings to see a full menu of matching settings.

How do I broaden the search radius for nearby matches?
You can broaden the matching radius by clicking on Settings -> Match Settings -> Set Match Range. The maximum matching radius is 1 mile from your current location.

Why do you need my LinkedIn login information?
Your LinkedIn information is required to access your professional work history and groups. We use this information to find nearby matches who share something in common with you.

How do I get Verified with Peeriscope?
As part of the registration process, you must verify your email address before logging in to the app. If you did not receive this email, please contact support at

How do I upload a profile photo?
You can upload a profile photo by clicking on the Profile button and then Edit. Click on Edit Picture to choose a photo from your Camera Roll or take a new picture using your phone’s camera.

Is Peeriscope safe to use?
Yes. Peeriscope has many privacy features in place. We only use your location to find relevant matches. Once someone connects with you, they cannot monitor your location. In addition, if you do not want to broadcast your location in places such as your home or office, you can set up to 5 Hide Me Zones.

How do I optimize the app for longer battery life?
You can adjust Match frequency and Location Updates for longer batter life. Go to Match Settings -> Match Frequency. Then adjust the slider to a longer time interval between checking for new matches. You can also go to Settings -> Broadcast Settings and turning Location Updates off.

I changed my LinkedIn profile after my first import in Peeriscope. How do I synch my profile in Peeriscope?
You can synch your Peeriscope profile with LinkedIn at any time by going to the Profile screen and clicking Edit at the top right. Then click the green “Import Data” link to synch your profile with your latest updates in LinkedIn.

Which version of the iPhone does Peeriscope support?
Peeriscope works on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and 6.

Is Peeriscope available on Android and Blackberry?
Peeriscope currently only works on the iOS platform. We are working on an Android version.