The best way to discover nearby networking events and professionals.

How It Works

Discover Networking Events

Peeriscope suggests nearby Meetup events that match your industry, function and skills pulled from your LinkedIn profile. Event icons with a green border indicate that the event starts within 24 hours. A Meetup icon with a yellow border indicates that the event starts within the next 3 days. Find nearby Meetup events
View event details including address, start time, group name, number of attendees and agenda. Find nearby Meetup events
Add events to your phone’s calendar by clicking the Calendar button. Peeriscope will create a new calendar entry for the event with event details including the RSVP URL. Add Meetup events to iPhone calendar
View new calendar entry for selected event
RSVP for any suggested Meetup event from the app. If you are not a Meetup member, you will be asked to join Meetup in order to complete the RSVP process. RSVP for Meetup events

Make New Connections

View event attendees by clicking on the Attendees button. See who is attending the event and find out which Meetup Groups they belong to. View event attendee profiles
Peeriscope runs in the background to find other users nearby who share LinkedIn Groups, industry, education, skills and work history. You can turn off location updates from Quick Filter or Broadcast Settings if you only want to find peers on demand.Each matching peer is given a Match Strength based on how much you have in common. View event attendee profiles
Control how you match with people nearby. Use the Quick Filter to adjust match criteria directly from Map view. Change match criteria with quick filter
Send email, share contact information and send LinkedIn connection requests to new active connections. Share contact info and send messages to active connections

Ensure Privacy

Once you connect with someone new via Peeriscope, you will not be able to track that person’s location after the initial connection is made.Use Hide Me Zones to prevent Peeriscope from sharing your location in private zones such as your home or office. Choose up to 5 locations where Peeriscope will never broadcast your location in the background. Adding these zones will also conserve battery life since your location will not be broadcast when you are in blocked zones.

Peeriscope is a free download in the App Store.

Block location sharing in private zones