Building a professional network in a new city

You can do as much online social media networking as you want, but nothing can truly replace a live, face to face meeting. A potential client or employer being able to put a face to a name can be invaluable to you over the long run. That’s why the best method of networking is to put yourself in as many different opportunities to meet people as possible. Peeriscope is extremely useful in that it can allow you to find the best events and networking opportunities relevant to your background and expertise.

There are a couple of different fields that Peeriscope can aid you in your goal of building a network.

The first thing you should do when you arrive in a new city is look within your own pre-established circle. Start with networks in which you already belong. Peeriscope can allow you to filter events and seek out peers that are affiliated with your local alumni association. Alumni organizations are an excellent first avenue to explore when building a network as they can offer great resources and access to alumni living in the area. They know that the young graduates they help now will one day be the successful professionals that can offer employment opportunities for future students.

If you have just found a job in a new industry, the first thing you should do is to familiarize yourself as much as possible with all the nuances of the field. One of the best ways to do so is to go out and start talking to professionals in your trade. There are bound to be dozens if not hundreds of industry related events in your city. The sheer amount can seem overwhelming and it may feel daunting at first trying to sift through all the different events. Peeriscope however can let you filter these networking opportunities by how far away they are, what sort of event it is, as well as what sort of skills you can expect the attendees to have.

Talk to any college career counselor and one of the best tips they can give you is to obtain a LinkedIn profile. As a professional networking site, it is excellent in making new and maintaining professional connections with colleagues or classmates. Since Peeriscope is already integrated with LinkedIn, finding new contacts and fostering old ones has never been simpler.

With so many things to figure out in a new environment, growing a professional network shouldn’t be the most discouraging task on your list and it doesn’t have to be as Peeriscope can work to facilitate the process.

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